Battlegrounds Mobile India Hits 100 Million Registered Users in India, 1 Year After Official Launch: Krafton


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) claims it has crossed 100 million registered users in India. Developed by South Korean company Krafton, the free-to-play battle royale game was released for the public in July last year. Since then, the game has received constant updates with new features. The popular PUBG Mobile which was banned in the country since 2020, was resurrected in the form of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Initially, BGMI allowed players to carry over their progress and data from PUBG Mobile as well. Krafton is planning new tournaments for BGMI this year.

Krafton on Friday said it has surpassed 100 million registered users in the country, since its launch in July 2021. “BGMI’s first year has been a resounding success with millions of players joining to experience the game. We have brought in major tournaments, Indian themed collaborations, and celebrated India centric events with the community with a goal in curating a gameplay unique to our Indian users,” Changhan Kim, the CEO of Krafton, said in a prepared statement.

The company plans on organising four pro and semi-pro BGMI tournaments like BMOC, BMPS Season 1, BGIS Season 2 and BMPS Season 2 in 2022 for gamers. Cumulatively, the events will offer a cash prize of Rs. 6 crores. The developer says it had invested over $10 million (roughly Rs. 79 crore) in India to improve the local gaming, esports, as well as entertainment and IT industries.

India banned PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite in the country in September 2020. Krafton then released a special edition for Indian mobile gamers, BGMI in July last year. Ever since its launch, the game allowed its users to transfer their data from PUBG Mobile via Facebook and Twitter to the new game. Since then, the game has been receiving constant updates with new features. Most recently, the May 2022 update added features including an official version of the Livik map, Core Circle mode along with a Classic Mode to the game. It also includes a first-anniversary lobby, a few in-game items, and a skin sale for players.

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